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Talk – “The Tides of Life”
Friday 15 March 2019

Informative talk presented by Joe Breen, Senior Scientific Officer, Marine Conservation and Reporting, Marine & Fisheries Division. 

Strangford Lough is an inland fully saline sea connected to the Irish Sea through a long narrow channel often referred to by locals as ‘the river’.  Within the body of the lough the current speeds drop off the further north you go and the current speeds are directly correlated to the nature and structure of the underlying seabed.  The South North gradient runs from bedrock-boulder-cobbles-gravels-sands-muds.  The nature of the seabed and water flows dictates what type of marine life are to be found in any particular region of the lough. 

This presentation will show the range and diversity of animal and plant forms to be found in the lough.  The unique collection of biodiversity forms was the main reason for designating Strangford Lough as Britain’s first Marine Protected area in 1995.

Sponsored by ANDDC

Start Time & Location to be confirmed.

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